Watch a meteoroid slam into the moon during the super blood wolf eclipse!

If you weren’t able to see the super blood wolf moon eclipse a couple nights ago, you’re not alone. Much of North America was covered in clouds – and freezing temperatures – that hindered your ability to view it.

I was able to see it from my house here in Indianapolis, Indiana, but there was a thin layer of clouds, so the pictures I took aren’t particularly great. I had promised my kids I’d wake them up so they could see it, but despite my best efforts, the most I could get out of them at midnight was “muhhhh” and “nnnnnmmmmm.”

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If you weren’t able to see it live, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles live streamed the event for you. But close observers watching it noticed something particularly interesting that happened during the eclipse.

As CNET reported, the MIDAS Survey, which monitors moon impacts, confirmed the touchdown and says it was produced by a meteoroid that hit the lunar ground.

While impacts on the moon aren’t themselves particularly remarkable (just by looking at it, you can see it’s no stranger to impacts), it was really neat to see it happen when so many people were looking up to watch it.

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